Personal Reflection

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Reflections on what I've learnt from my research

July 14, 2016, Chanel Tuffley

Creating this blog, one of the first things that struck me was how seven short posts taking up a total of a maximum of eight and a half minutes (a requirement from my course paper), is not enough to fully understand and gain adequate knowledge around DCD.

I feel that it is important for people to understand the basics around this diagnosis and the effects it can have on children in all areas of their lives. It amazes me to realise that there is approximately one child in every classroom that is experiencing DCD and can go unnoticed for a while when there is no education around this diagnosis. They are just the kids that are known as the class trouble makers, clumsy and lazy.

Researching this topic I was able to gain further understanding of the need for occupational therapy for children with DCD. I enjoyed being able to finally research this disorder that I've held such an interest towards over the last three years and it helped me to reflect back on the children I worked with at Hutt hospital.

My knowledge around this topic will continue to grow, as this to me is just a starting point in my development of an occupational therapist working with children.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and that it's been of benefit to you in some way.