What Causes DCD

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A brief overview of the potential causes of DCD

June 19, 2016, Chanel Tuffley

To this day, research around the understanding of the cause of DCD remains limited and therefore the exact cause is unclear. Although upon my research of this topic, Cairney (2015) states that DCD is believed to happen very early in a child’s life. This could either occur during the prenatal phase or soon after birth, as this is when the infant brain begins developing.

Due to the fact that the brain and it’s development are complicated, it is hard to determine what part of the brain the difficulties associated with DCD may potentially be occuring. Premature birth has been identified as a risk factor. Cormorbidities to DCD are common such as, autism, ADHD and dyslexia. This can make it hard when testing for DCD.


Cairney (2015). Developmental coordination disorder and it’s consequences. USA: University of Toronto Press.